Work content of regular maintenance of led high pole lamp


With the widespread use of LED high pole lights, high p […]

With the widespread use of LED high pole lights, high pole lights seem to be a necessity for road lighting. However, regular maintenance of high pole lights is very important. So what are the contents of regular maintenance of led high pole lights?
1. Check the hot-dip galvanizing corrosion resistance of all ferrous metal parts (including the inner wall of the lamp post) of the LED high pole lamp equipment, and whether the anti-loosening measures of the fasteners meet the requirements (the anti-corrosion quality should comply with GB / T9790, GBJ36011 and GB / T11373 ). Regulations).
2. Check the verticality of the high-beam lighting facilities in the factory area (use the theodolite to measure and test as required). The allowable error of the high pole lamp pole should be less than 3 pole heights. The straightness error of the rod shaft should not be greater than 2 ‰ of the rod length.
3. Check whether the outer surface of the lamp post and the welding seam are rusty. For high pole lamps that are used for a long time but cannot be replaced again, ultrasonic and magnetic particle detection methods are used to detect the weld seam if necessary. test.
4. Check the mechanical strength of the lamp panel to ensure the safe use of the lamp panel. For the enclosed lamp panel, check the heat dissipation;
5. Check the fastening bolts of the lamp holder and adjust the projection direction of the lamp reasonably;
Carefully check the use of wires (flexible cables or cords) in the lamp panel to see if the wires are subject to excessive mechanical stress, aging, cracks, and bare wires. If there is an unsafe phenomenon, it should be dealt with immediately;