LED high pole lamp with lifting system has more advantages


First, led high pole lamp with lifting system for easy […]

First, led high pole lamp with lifting system for easy maintenance
Led high pole lights are large-scale lighting appliances, generally more than 15 meters in height. If maintenance is not carried out without a lifting system, it is not only very laborious but also very dangerous for maintenance personnel. With the lifting system, the high-pole lamp panel can be directly slid to the bottom by the crane, so that maintenance personnel can directly perform maintenance on the bottom. Save effort and avoid danger.
Second, it can improve the service life of led high pole lights
As it goes up and down, we will make it easier to fix so that more people are willing to complete maintenance. And there are a series of plans for how to complete the maintenance after the lights are turned on. For example, there is also a plug-in location under it, so you can check the appearance of success during maintenance. That is, at the end of maintenance, maintenance personnel can determine whether they have been repaired intact, as long as they are underground, instead of having to lift again, and then determine whether they have been repaired in good condition.
Third, you can adjust the irradiation angle
The lifting high pole lamp can conveniently adjust the irradiation angle, so that the illuminance of the illuminated area becomes more uniform, while reducing light pollution to the environmental space.
Therefore, the led high pole lamp belt lifting system has more advantages. Although the price of the lift-type high pole lamp is more expensive than ordinary, but it will bring us great convenience in the later maintenance.