What accessories are made of high pole lights


In fact, when we identify the quality of high pole lamp […]

In fact, when we identify the quality of high pole lamps, we are testing the quality of these accessories, because only when the quality of each component is not a problem, we can prove that high pole lamps are qualified without quality problems. So what accessories are made of high pole lights? Why is it indispensable? Today I will introduce you in detail:

1. The electric lifting system consists of electric motor, hoist, three sets of hot dip galvanized steel wire rope and cable.
2. The functionality is mainly frame structure, and the decorative materials are mainly steel pipes and steel pipes. The lampposts and lamp panels are hot dip galvanized.
3. The lighting electrical system is equipped with 6-24 400w-1000w metal halide (white light), floodlight, floodlights, and the computer time controller can automatically control the time of switching lights and partial or full illumination.
4. The guide and unloading system is composed of guide wheels and guide arms to ensure that the lamp panel will not move laterally during the lifting process, and ensure that the lamp panel can be automatically detached and locked by the hook when the lamp panel is raised into place.
5. Lightning protection system: 1.5 meters long lightning rod is installed on the top of the lamp, and a 1 meter long ground wire is installed on the underground foundation and welded with the underground bolts.
6. The pole is octagonal, twelve-edge, and eighteen-pyramid cone, made of high-strength steel plate by shearing, bending, and automatic welding. The general height is 25, 30, 35, 40 and other specifications. The capacity can reach 60 meters per second, and each specification is composed of 3 to 4 knots.
The seemingly very simple high pole lamp, its accessories are not simple, every aspect occupies a very important position, so, in the later use process, we must insist on regular maintenance and maintenance of it!