Why is it said that the high pole light belt lifting system is more advantageous?


High pole lights are generally divided into lifting hig […]

High pole lights are generally divided into lifting high pole lights and fixed high pole lights. The difference between these two types of high pole lights is one with a lifting system and the other without a lifting system. At present, many buyers in the market choose fixed high-pole lights. In fact, high-pole lights with a lifting system have more advantages than fixed ones. Why do you say that?

1. High pole lamp with lifting system is convenient for maintenance
High pole lights are large-scale lighting fixtures, generally more than 15 meters in height. If you do not bring the lifting system to repair, it is not only a very laborious, but also a very dangerous thing for the maintenance personnel. With the lifting system, the high-mast lamp panel can be directly slid to the bottom through the crane, so that the maintenance personnel can perform repairs directly on the bottom. Save worry and effort, and avoid danger.
2. It can improve the service life of high pole lights
As it rises and falls, it will be easier for us to repair so that more people are willing to complete the maintenance. And there are a series of plans for how to complete maintenance after starting the lights. For example, there is also a plug-in location under it, so you can check whether the appearance is successful during the maintenance process. That is, at the end of the maintenance, the maintenance staff can determine whether they have been repaired intact, as long as they are underground instead of having to be elevated again, and then determine whether they have been repaired in good condition.
Three, the illumination angle can be adjusted
The lift-type high-pole lamp can easily adjust the illumination angle, so that the illumination of the illuminated area becomes more uniform, and at the same time reduces the light pollution to the environmental space.
Therefore, the high pole light belt lifting system has more advantages. Although the price of the lifting high pole lamp is more expensive than the general ones, it will bring us great convenience in the later maintenance.

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