Precautions for choosing the installation location and embedded foundation of solar street lights


With the continuous development of solar energy technol […]

With the continuous development of solar energy technology, solar street light products are becoming more and more popular. Many rural areas have installed solar street lights. However, there are many things to pay attention to when installing solar street lights, especially when choosing installation sites and pre-embedded foundations. Many people do not Will pay attention, so the use of solar street lights is not good, so what should we pay attention to when choosing the installation location and pre-embedded foundation?

One, the choice of installation location
The installation site must have sufficient light throughout the day, without any obstructions. Make sure that the installation site is far away from trees, high-rise buildings and other obstacles that will block the sun. There should be no direct light source above the solar panel, otherwise the street light system will not work properly. , Otherwise the battery life will be greatly shortened. The foundation of the solar street light pole must be poured in a sufficiently solid clay layer. If the installation site is atypical soil layers such as sand or frozen soil, please inform us in advance so that we can take specific countermeasures. The solar panels must face south and ensure that the installation site faces south without obstructions.
2. Building the foundation
Ensure that the inner test nut is screwed to the end of the thread, and leave enough length for the flange of the solar street light pole to ensure that the four bolts are on the same horizontal line. It is recommended to use a level to test the upper end of the thread with tape to prevent cement blockage. Thread.
Three, installation basis
Dig the foundation pit according to the basic map provided by the solar street light manufacturer. At the same time, concrete can be prepared. Put the basic cage into the foundation pit, use a spirit level to ensure that the basic cage is placed horizontally, and compact the basic cage. Make sure that the upper thread of the anchor bolt is protected by tape. Pour the concrete and keep the level of the foundation cage. It is recommended that the concrete just cover the fixing plate and the nuts on it to prevent it from rusting. Clean the top of the foundation and level it with a trowel. After 3-7 days, confirm that the concrete is completely solidified and dry, and then remove the insulating board/brick.
The above are the items that need special attention in the installation of solar street lights. We must pay attention to the installation to avoid the phenomenon of not lighting or poor lighting effects.

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