What is the difference between the courtyard lights in the community and the courtyard lights in the square?


Nowadays, the construction of large and small districts […]

Nowadays, the construction of large and small districts is becoming more and more beautiful and more artistic. Of course, courtyard lights, outdoor road lighting products, are indispensable. Courtyard lights are not only used in residential areas, but also began to be used in major squares. But people find that courtyard lights in residential quarters and square courtyard lights seem to be a little different, so what is the difference between them?

The characteristics of the courtyard lights in the community:
The courtyard lights of the community must be able to achieve the lighting effect. At night, it must be convenient for the residents in the community to come and go. In addition, when choosing the installation, you must start from the style and characteristics of the entire building in the community, and try to choose the same style as possible, so as to achieve the effect of mutual reflection. The third aspect is to reflect a certain degree of aesthetics. It can't be too simple, but it can't be too dazzling, so as not to cause aesthetic fatigue. With the characteristics of modern Chinese style and fashionable European style, there are usually more choices for these two types of courtyard lights. In addition, on the main road of the community, you can also use staggered lighting and symmetric lighting. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to achieve the lighting effect, and it also plays a beautiful and decorative role.
The characteristics of square courtyard lights:
Square courtyard lights are used in public places and are an integral part of public buildings. The scope of display is larger, and even the style and individuality of the entire city are embodied in the representative. Therefore, it is usually required that the lamps are more artistic. During the day, you can decorate the city and blend into the characteristics of the square, so that people can feel the beauty of art. At night, the brightness must meet the requirements, and the color of the light must also play a role in setting off.

The courtyard lamp in the community is convenient for the owners to come and go, and at the same time, it must have a sense of beauty. It must be a lamp that can highlight the characteristics of the entire community, and the courtyard lamp is a manifestation of a larger range. The two have the same place, that is, the appearance of beauty and brightness, but the difference is that the community is to show the beauty and characteristics of the community. The square courtyard lights are not only the characteristics of the square, but even an embodiment of the entire city. So it needs to be more atmospheric. After knowing the characteristics of courtyard lights in the community, the building next to the building will be more targeted when choosing courtyard lights in the community, which will help to select courtyard lights with good quality, appropriate brightness and beautiful appearance.

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