Why do urban night scene lighting like point light sources?


The current urban night scenes are basically made of po […]

The current urban night scenes are basically made of point light sources. The traditional way of lighting night scenes has been abandoned. This is due to the unique advantages of point light sources. Let me explain in detail below.

Advantage 1: Small size
In the actual design process of led point light sources, compared with traditional light sources, all point light sources are relatively small in size and very light in weight, and can be manufactured into various parts of different shapes, and in the process of actual manufacturing, it is convenient All kinds of lighting and equipment are well arranged, and the design can also bring us better design results. This kind of point light source is relatively adaptable and has a wide range of applications.

Advantage 2: Good environmental performance
During the installation process of LED point light source, the environmental protection performance is relatively good, because the LED top light source does not need to add metal mercury in the production process, so it will not cause mercury pollution after all the LEDs are burned. In addition, their waste can basically be fully recycled, which not only can effectively save existing resources, but also protect the environment. This situation is much better than before.

Advantage 3: Safe and unchanged
In the actual process of using LED point light sources, they only use low-voltage direct current to effectively drive. Generally speaking, the power supply voltage is controlled between 6 volts and 24 volts, so its safety performance is relatively good, and it is especially suitable for use in public places. In addition, if the entire led point light source is used, the external environment is relatively good In this environment, their light sources can also have a longer service life than traditional light sources, and even frequent switching in this environment will not affect the service life.