Common faults in the use of garden lights


After using the garden lights for a period of time, man […]

After using the garden lights for a period of time, many people reported some problems, so these problems are very common. Let me explain them in detail below, hoping to help you.

Common faults of garden lights and causes of failures Garden lights are a type of outdoor lighting fixtures, usually referring to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters. It is composed of 5 parts, because the garden light has the characteristics of diversity, aesthetics, beautification and decoration of the environment, so it is also called landscape garden light. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places, which can prolong the time of people's outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.

There are two types of common faults: one is high-resistance faults; the other is low-resistance faults. The so-called high-resistance fault means that the cable is blown, the measuring resistance of the instrument is large, or the insulation drops between phases or to the ground, but there is a certain resistance value; the so-called low-resistance fault means that the wire is shorted or completely shorted to the ground, and the current Increase, the power transmission trip phenomenon occurs. These two faults and their frequent occurrence pose a threat to the normal use of garden lights. Therefore, we must pay full attention to find out the reasons and countermeasures.