How to quickly choose garden lights


During the day, the garden lights are architectural ske […]

During the day, the garden lights are architectural sketches with decorative effects, which can add a beautiful scenery to the outdoors; at night, the lighting of the garden lights also has a great impact on the form of the garden landscape. The strong and colorful lights will make the whole environment warm and lively. Warm colors make people feel warm and harmonious, cool colors make people feel clean and intimidating, and partial and soft lights make people feel friendly and full of mystery. With colorful lights, an ordinary garden can also be transformed into a magical fairy tale world.

There are many kinds of garden lamps in the garden, including lawn lamps, flower bed lamps, sculpture lamps, pavilion lamps, wall lamps, garden lamps arranged along the garden road, highly decorative pillar lamps, small spotlights pre-buried under the flower border, and pools. Down spotlights, rest platform lights, stone lantern lights in Japanese gardens, and more.

In order to meet the needs of people's rest and management, the garden lights in various places must maintain a certain distance and illumination. When positioning, it is necessary to consider not only the lighting effect at night, but also the garden landscape during the day. For example, it is arranged in a small garden along the garden road. For the lawn lights inside, the distance between them should be 4-8 meters. The spacing can also be adjusted accordingly due to the degree of undulation of the terrain and the opening and closing of the bushes.

The choice of garden lights should also be consistent with the architectural and design style of the entire courtyard. For example, a Chinese-style garden style with very modern garden lights will have incongruous styles. Therefore, when choosing, try to be close to the style of the entire courtyard, with a unified and natural style.

The control of round lamps is unified nationwide, segmented, or a separate circuit. For example, street lights can be divided into one road, pools, sculptures, and rest platforms can be divided into one road; each road can also be controlled separately. You can choose according to your own needs.