Keep your eyes open when purchasing street lights to prevent the purchase of inferior street light poles!


When purchasing street lamps, buyers often pay more att […]

When purchasing street lamps, buyers often pay more attention to the quality of the lamps and spend a lot of attention on style or brightness, thus neglecting the choice of lamp poles. Also as the main component of street lights, if the quality of the light pole is not good, it will cause many problems and even bury potential safety hazards in the future. Street light poles of substandard quality have poor corrosion resistance, are easy to rust, have weak impact resistance, affect aesthetics, and have poor waterproof effects. It will not only bring inconvenience to daily use, but also greatly shorten the service life. In order to pursue greater profits, some unscrupulous companies produce inferior light poles in large quantities. Buyers must keep their eyes open and distinguish carefully. When choosing high-quality light poles, you must pay attention to these aspects.

One, the plate of the light pole
Steel has high strength, strong plasticity, and good toughness. It is currently the most mainstream material for manufacturing light poles. High-quality steel can even withstand strong winds above level 12 in nature. There are naturally poor quality steels with good quality steel. This type of steel is called non-standard steel because its production requirements do not meet the national standards. When unscrupulous street light manufacturers produce light poles, they use non-standard steel. However, the thickness of non-standard steel is relatively thin. In order to meet the acceptance criteria, unscrupulous manufacturers often increase the thickness of the light pole by spraying multiple times. The poles produced in this way are prone to shake or deform under strong winds. The most effective way to determine whether a street light pole meets the standard is weighing. If you don’t know the weight of the light pole, it’s best to shop around. If the weight is too light under the same specifications, you can consider non-standard.
2. Welding of light poles
Welding is an important part of the street lamp processing technology. Poor welding will eventually cause the lamp pole to break. Therefore, the lamp pole welding must be strictly required. The welding of street light poles will use both machines and labor. Generally, the welding after the light pole is rolled is automatic submerged arc welding by machine, and the welding pattern of the pole body is smooth and uniform. For the remaining local areas, machine welding cannot be operated, so it must be done manually, which requires high technical requirements. Observed intently, a good welding process has a smooth surface without obvious welding defects such as pores, weld bead, and undercut.
3. Galvanizing of street light poles
The galvanizing of street lamp poles is mainly cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Both galvanizing methods are for anti-corrosion and prolong the service life of street lamps. However, the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is dozens of times thicker than cold galvanizing, and its anti-corrosion performance is also dozens of times that of cold galvanizing. Learning to distinguish between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing will create favorable conditions for your journey to buy street lights. Cold galvanizing is smooth and bright, and the workpiece is free of zinc tumors and agglomerations. Hot-dip galvanizing is rough and silver-white, with process water lines and a few drippings on the surface, especially at one end of the workpiece.
Fourth, the spraying of light poles
The purpose of the light pole spray is to be beautiful, and the other is to prevent corrosion. Light poles with unclear spray colors are also substandard products. Therefore, the regular street lamp manufacturers have a polishing process before spraying, so that the spraying is uniform and the color is purer. To understand the manufacturer's production process, you must actually visit the factory. To judge the quality of the light pole is not only the material but also the craftsmanship. High-quality light poles are safe and reliable, with a minimum life span of up to 25 years.
When you buy street lights, you must choose them carefully and check them carefully. Choose regular products and stay away from unscrupulous manufacturers.