How to distinguish the quality of LED street lights


The quality of led solar street lights is not what manu […]

The quality of led solar street lights is not what manufacturers say. We have to verify from all aspects whether they are really high-quality solar street lights.
First look at the battery type of led solar street lights is gel or lead-acid, now lead-acid batteries have been almost eliminated. Secondly, look at whether the solar panel is crystalline silicon, which manufacturer used it.
Secondly, look at the materials of the lamp post and lamp head, as well as the production and processing technology. At this stage, the lamp posts of regular manufacturers are processed by hot-dip galvanizing and plastic spraying. The surface of high-quality solar street lamp posts is smooth and shiny without obvious burrs.
Of course, the lamp head is made of high-power LED lamp beads, and the quality and price of different lamp beads are also very different. Some use American Purui lamp beads, through the secondary lens light distribution, use the service life and improve the light efficiency.
Also pay attention to the configuration of solar street lights. If the configuration is too small, the lighting requirements cannot be met, and the battery is often in a loss state, which will also affect the service life.