Why does the high pole lamp use the top coat?


The most commonly used antirust technology for street l […]

The most commonly used antirust technology for street lamp pole is hot-rolled steel plate + hot / cold galvanizing + spray molding. The theoretical life of lamp pole after qualified galvanizing and spray molding is 15-20 years, that is to say, the surface paint of street lamp will not fade or rust in at least 15 years. The theory is the theory after all. Can this effect be achieved in actual use?
After the cold / hot-dip galvanizing treatment, the street lamp pole will hardly rust (except for the case of trachoma during the welding), so the only factor that will affect the beauty of the street lamp is the exterior paint. After the galvanizing, the street lamp pole will undergo the last anti-corrosion coating process - spray plastic. The plastic powder used in the spraying is outdoor plastic powder, which has the characteristics of high hardness and strong adhesion, although After spray molding, the appearance and anti-corrosion effect of the lamp post have been further improved, but after actual use, it is found that the service life of the plastic powder can not reach 10 years, let alone 15-20 years. Take the better outdoor high gloss plastic powder, the surface of the lamp post after spray molding is bright and smooth, but after three years of outdoor use, the surface luster of the lamp post will gradually fade Start to change color and paint. This is a good plastic powder. The plastic powder with poor quality will change completely in less than a year. The biggest disadvantage of outdoor plastic powder is its poor aging resistance.

There is a way to extend the life of street lamp surface paint, so that it can maintain the original color for a long time, without discoloration and powdering. If galvanizing is for rust prevention, then plastic spraying is for beauty, rust prevention is achieved, beauty is achieved, then adding a layer of protective film is perfect. The weatherability of outdoor powder is very poor. If it can be sealed with a kind of exterior paint with super weatherability, it can keep its natural color for a long time. However, this kind of exterior paint is not hard to find. It is "fluorocarbon paint". Fluorocarbon paint has excellent corrosion resistance, maintenance free, strong adhesion, super long weatherability and other characteristics. It can play a role in coating fluorocarbon paint on the outer layer of plastic powder of lamp pole A very good protection, so that the surface of the paint gloss to maintain more than 10 years is not a problem.
The service life of street lamp pole is mostly long-term. It will benefit life and once and for all by adopting correct and high-quality workmanship.

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