Details of maintenance of high pole lamp


Although the lighting facilities of high pole lamp are […]

Although the lighting facilities of high pole lamp are not widely used in the construction of urban lighting engineering, they are a kind of special lighting equipment, but their safety and normal use requirements are particularly high. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of high pole lamp become an important link that can not be ignored in daily use. In order to make the high pole lamp operate safely and stably for a long time, it should be in accordance with the use theory According to the relevant provisions of the specification, regular maintenance should be carried out.
The main contents of daily maintenance of high pole lamp include:
1. Check whether the hot galvanizing anti-corrosion condition of all ferrous metal components of high pole lamp and the anti loose measures of fasteners meet the requirements;
2. Check the verticality of high pole lamp;
3. Check the external surface and weld of high pole lamp for corrosion;
4. Check the mechanical strength of the lamp panel to ensure the safe use of the lamp panel. Check the heat dissipation of the enclosed lamp panel;
5. Check the use of the conductor in the high pole lamp to see whether the conductor bears excessive mechanical stress, whether there is aging, cracking, exposed wire, etc. if unsafe phenomenon occurs, it shall be handled immediately;
6. Replace and repair the damaged light source, electrical appliances and other components;
7. Focus on the inspection of lifting transmission system;
8. Check the protective grounding and lightning protection devices;
9. The lighting effect of high pole lamp is measured regularly.

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