Which is better between solar street lights and ordinary street lights with high pole lights?


Which one is the most practical between solar street li […]

Which one is the most practical between solar street lights and ordinary street lights? This topic has always been controversial, and there are good ones. According to the current market, solar street lights are in full swing. For a while, many units who want to install street lights choose solar street lights without hesitation. Is there really a substantial difference in usage?

First, let's take a look at the cost issue between the two.
According to a 6-meter light pole, a set of ordinary 6-meter street lights is equipped with a 20w LED lamp, and the cost of adding embedded parts is about 700 yuan (medium quality).

The same set of 6-meter solar street lights is equipped with a 20w LED lamp, an 80Ah battery, an 80wp solar panel, an embedded part, and a controller. The cost of the whole set is about 1900 yuan (medium configuration , medium quality).

It can be clearly seen that the price of solar street lights is 1.7 times that of ordinary street lights. Let's put the price aside for the time being and compare the service life of the two.

The service life of ordinary street lamps is determined by LED lamps, because the components of ordinary street lamps are nothing more than lamp poles and lamp holders. The theoretical life of LED lamps is 100,000 hours. Even if they can only be used for 50,000 hours, they will be safe within 15 years.

The service life of solar street lights is not simply determined by the LED lamp head, but by the battery. Many battery manufacturers give a warranty period of 3 years and a maximum service life of 5 years, that is to say, from installation to use after 5 years, The working capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced or completely lost. The cost of replacing a battery is at least 500 yuan (including labor).

As a street light manufacturer, Personal suggestion, if the construction wiring is not too difficult, try to choose ordinary LED street lights, it can be said once and for all. Like mountain villages, or areas where it is inconvenient to dig trenches and wiring, solar street lights must be the first choice for lighting products.