How to properly install high pole lights


Pole lights are generally used in places with high requ […]

Pole lights are generally used in places with high requirements for lighting brightness, such as in freight yards, highways, stadiums and overpasses. Above, this is a certain difficulty for the installation of led high bay lamp. It is necessary to install well and ensure the installation. Is there any correct installation method for high-pole lights?

First of all, before the LED high pole light is installed, it needs to do a series of preparations. It is necessary to check all the various accessories in the loading and packing list in advance, because the lack of one accessory cannot be installed normally; It is also necessary to check whether the accessories are damaged or twisted. If any damaged accessories are found, they should be replaced in time. If the problem is found after installation, it will increase the workload of your own installation.

When the preparations are done, the correct installation of the high-pole light is to splicing each part together, but when splicing, there may be factors that cause installation errors due to manufacturing, so it is best to mark the longest one. The splicing length and the shortest splicing length make the installation of energy-saving high-pole lights without errors.