What is the light distribution status of LED street lamps? What are the characteristics?


What is the light distribution status of LED street lam […]

What is the light distribution status of LED street lamps?
The illumination of the road surface is relatively uniform, and people or objects on both sides of the road can also see it to understand the sudden situation. The lighting of street lamp meets the above requirements, and its light distribution must be reasonable. Therefore, although LED street lamp has the advantages of better light color, long life and dimming function, its light distribution level is still crucial. At present, the LED street lamp has just started and needs to be improved continuously. Both the optical structure design and heat dissipation technology of the street lamp are still improving.

What are the characteristics of LED street light distribution?
At present, the biggest characteristic of LED street lamps for lighting is the function of directional emission, because almost all power LED street lamps are equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of this reflector is obviously higher than that of ordinary lamps. In addition, the efficiency of self reflector has been included in LED street lamp luminous efficiency detection. The road lamps using LED street lamps should make full use of the directional emission characteristics of LED, so that each LED in the road lamps can directly direct the light to each area of the illuminated road surface, and then use the lamp reflector to assist light distribution, so as to achieve a very reasonable comprehensive light distribution of road lamps.

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