LED street lamp has good safety performance, which aspects are reflected in?


People who have bought and used LED street lamps all kn […]

People who have bought and used LED street lamps all know that led street lamps have good safety performance. How does the safety performance of LED street lamps embody? We will sort out the embodiment of safety performance of LED street lamps for you.
The safety performance of LED street lamp is reflected in the quality of LED lamp cap. The lamp holder of solar street lamp generally adopts LED lamp holder, because LED lamp holder has its specific advantages, the warranty period of general LED lamp holder is 3 years, and in the process of use, it will not emit too much heat energy, thus reducing the possibility of error.
LED street lights don't go out suddenly. Solar streetlights are powered by solar battery continuously. When rainy weather occurs, they will also light up the road for people, without sudden extinction. Solar street lamp uses DC power supply, the probability of problems is very small.
If there is no sunshine for several days. Solar streetlights use solar energy for power generation, that is to say, if there is no sunlight, then how can the solar street lamp work normally? Solar street lamp manufacturers introduced the solar street lamp itself in the design of these aspects, we generally set it according to the local rainy weather, that is to say, the local maximum continuous days without sunshine, so we designed it to meet the requirements of a few days of cloudy and rainy weather, generally can last up to a week without sunshine.