What are the tips for purchasing LED street lights


With the increasing maturity of technology, some high-p […]

With the increasing maturity of technology, some high-power LED light sources can already meet the needs of general street lights. Especially with the advent of nano street lights, it can meet daily needs even more. Under normal circumstances, the maximum power of nano LED street lights can reach 100LM/W. When purchasing LED street lights, it is very important to understand the specific purchasing methods.

When making a choice, it is necessary to understand the self-weight of the street lamp. LED street lights have related reasons such as relatively high technical content and relatively complex components. Some high-power lamps can usually exceed ordinary high-nanometer street lamps.

First of all, the luminous efficiency must be considered. The higher the luminous power, the better the corresponding energy-saving effect. And this is one of the most important indicators when choosing LED street lights.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand the corresponding light decay situation. Some businesses, in order to obtain more profits and reduce production costs, will be shoddy. Usually choose some lower power LED, and the light attenuation ability of this kind of lamp is relatively strong. Therefore, for a street lamp that needs to be used for a long time, a street lamp with relatively poor light attenuation should be selected.