What are the regulations for street light poles?


The design of the street light pole should be based on […]

The design of the street light pole should be based on the current weather changes and the natural environment. Since only this kind of knowledge can be used for stronger safety protection, what are the requirements for the design of the street light pole? Let’s introduce to everyone below .

   1. The street lamp pole adopts hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside, anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying, the surface is bright and smooth, no convexity, no stains, no fading, and the wind resistance is above ten.

2. The street lamp is ten meters high, the upper specification is Ф75mm, the lower specification: 175mm, the wall thickness is not less than 4mm; the flange thickness is not less than 20mm, the flange specifications should be the same as the anchor bolt specifications of the embedded parts. It is a stainless steel ball. The street lamp is produced by one-off production and electric welding. The welding is well-proportioned and leveled. There should be no shortcomings such as vents, welding bumps, and false welding; the height-to-width ratio of welding should not exceed 3mm, and the branch pipes are smooth and free of burrs.

  3. The lamp humerus is 1.1m long, and the arm rod is made of Ф60 seamless steel pipe.

  4. The maintenance-free internal bubble-changing structure has excellent moisture-proof and anti-fouling effects. The actual operation of the top-flip service platform is conducive to maintenance.

  5. Flange structure specifications are based on the basic specifications of pavement street lamps. The installation of street lamp poles must ensure a safe grounding device.

  6. ​​Maintenance level to prevent electric shock: Class I.