What are the problems with led street lights?


Although led street lights are gradually entering every […]

Although led street lights are gradually entering everyone's field of vision under the development of the market, there are still some problems with the developing led street lights. What are the specific problems? Below, our Hengyuan Lighting will introduce to you the relevant explanations about the problems that still exist in LED street lights.
One of the remaining problems of street lamps: the problem of light distribution. The most common form of LED street lamps currently used is to install matrix-type LEDs in the lamps, which are almost installed on a flat surface. This design method does not get a good lamp. Light distribution. Almost all power LEDs are equipped with reflectors (or lenses), and the efficiency of this type of reflector is significantly higher than that of lamps.
The second problem with led street lights: heat dissipation. At present, the road lamp housing is made of aluminum, and the outside of the lamp housing is directly used as a radiator, which can not only ensure the requirements of IP protection level, but also obtain a large heat dissipation area. In addition, the radiator composed of the lamp housing can be washed by natural wind and rain when dust falls, so as to ensure the continuous effectiveness of the radiator.
Finally, the problem of the driving power supply of LED street lights still exists. The requirement of the LED driving circuit is to ensure the characteristics of constant current output. Because the relative change area of ​​the junction voltage is small when the LED is working in the forward direction, the constant driving current of the LED is guaranteed. Basically ensure the constant LED output power.

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