20m-30m lifting high pole lamp maintenance plan


In the football field and square, we will see a tall st […]

In the football field and square, we will see a tall street lamp, that is, a high pole lamp. Under normal circumstances, the square high pole lights are equipped with a lifting system to facilitate maintenance. Generally, street lamp lamps have a service life, and the service life has passed, so how to repair these 20-30m lifting high pole lamps?
First of all, we must understand its maintenance precautions before repairing:
1. Before the operation, set up a warning line in the area affected by the fall of the heavy object.
2. Before the lifting operation, the gangue work area will park the vehicles on the east side of the high pole lights and drive away.
3. Construction personnel must obey the management of the gangue well work area, and are prohibited from entering the machine room in the work area and places unrelated to their own operations.
4. Before lifting the high pole lights, evacuate the personnel in the winch room and office level to a safe area. Set up a cordon to stand guard and prohibit personnel and vehicles from entering the premises.
5. Special personnel must be supervised during hot work. After the work is completed, it can be left after confirming that there is no fire hazard.
6. The lifting process is operated by one person and at least one person is supervised. At work, you must concentrate, and you must not talk or fight at will. Unusual people at the lifting site are not allowed to enter the range of 15 meters away from the pole. The operating and monitoring personnel must be 5 meters away from the pole during the lifting process. If problems are found, they should be resolved carefully to prevent various accidents.
7. The lifting of the light pole must be carried out under the command of an experienced engineer. (The hoisting process conforms to the safety regulations for crane use) The street light pole is vertical until it meets the requirements, and finally the flange is tightened with double nuts.

After paying attention to these matters, we can carry out the following maintenance of the high pole lamp:
(1) Preparation before maintenance
1. Familiar with drawings, clarify requirements, prepare materials and tools.
2. Check whether the mechanical parts are normal and intact. For example, whether the connecting bolts of the various parts are firmly connected, whether the bearings are lubricated, and the worn parts should be replaced in time.
3. Check whether the grounding system of the motor is reliable. If the rust is serious, it should be treated with rust removal.
4. Check the worm gear reducer, safety coupling and clutch. Remove grease and add gear oil. Check the wear of the worm gear and replace it when the gear is thinned or has groove marks. The safety coupling must not be easily loosened or adjusted.
5. Carefully check that the lock nut of the wire rope should not have defects such as broken ends or loose sleeves. The wire rope itself should not have bias, loose strands, broken wires, hard injuries, dents, corrosion, and obvious wear. Pay special attention to the rope splitter and the wire rope clamp. In order to prevent the steel wire rope from rusting and reduce the wear between the steel wire rope and between the steel wire rope and the drum and pulley, the anti-rust grease can be applied to the steel wire rope with a stiff brush.
6. Check the limit switch, check whether the power cable is compressed, clamped, or damaged.

(2) Admission and maintenance
1. The maintenance personnel should keep in mind the structure of the lifting high pole lamp and the purpose of maintenance.
2. The operator wears overalls and safety helmets, and obeys the on-site command and dispatch. The maintenance personnel of the upper lamp panel should wear a safety belt and wear a long rope to prepare for the lack of tools, which can be lifted and transported.
3. Clean up the scene, set up a cordon, and prohibit people and vehicles from passing and staying within 30 meters.
4. Lower the lamp panel, and the lifting of the high pole lamp should be operated by professionals.
5. Remove the power wiring.
6. Use a crane to hoist the light pole and remove the anchor bolts. Place the light pole horizontally on the ground and perform maintenance and replacement work.
7. After the maintenance and replacement work is completed, lift and install the fixed light pole.
8. Before connecting the power supply, check the power supply inlet of the motor, the grounding wire and the electrical connection of the control equipment again, and make sure that the connection is firm and reliable.
9. After raising and lowering the lamp panel twice, check whether there is any abnormality in each part. The lifting of the lamp panel should conform to: (1) The lifting system is flexible in transmission, and the steady lifting speed is less than 0.2 m/s; (2) The automatic hook is flexible and free, and the limit switch is accurate and reliable.
10. Check whether the limit switch is sensitive and reliable
11. Check the cable connection of various electrical equipment in the lamp panel. (1) Check whether the cables and junction boxes connected to each other are damaged; (2) Check whether the connection points of the power cables are firmly and well contacted, whether the wiring is loose, cracked, damaged, disconnected, etc., and the electrical components are not connected. No loosening, burns, short circuits, etc.

(3) Exit
1. Organize the scene.
2. Report the completion of the maintenance work, and keep a record of the operation of important equipment such as motors.
3. Filing of maintenance work, including electrical engineering completion drawings, electrical equipment instruction manuals, electrical equipment installation instructions, electrical management materials, maintenance items, etc. If there are changes in the maintenance, timely record and modify the drawings to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information.