The working principle of LED street lamp, the use of precautions


What is the working principle of LED streetlights? What […]

What is the working principle of LED streetlights? What precautions do we need to know about the use of LED streetlights,
First of all, let's learn about the working principle of LED street lamp. LED street lamp is based on the photovoltaic effect principle of solar cell. During the day, the solar cell absorbs the solar energy photon energy to generate electric energy, which is stored in the battery through the controller. When night falls or the brightness around the lamp is low to a certain value, the controller will discharge itself and turn on the street lamp to start lighting. Therefore, when choosing led streetlights in different regions, we must pay special attention to whether the design ideas and key points of the system are in line with the local actual situation. We should not blindly pursue low-cost for the sake of saving investment, nor blindly pursue high-performance, resulting in the waste of resources.

Notes on the use of LED street lamp
1. Led streetlights should always be installed in sunny days. If it is installed in rainy days, it will not meet the demand of description if it only consumes electricity and does not charge after lighting. The LED street lamp should not be on the day after the installation.
2. The viewpoint of LED street lamp panel is usually described by the manufacturer according to the angle of 45 degrees, so as to ensure that there is a better charging capacity in winter.
3. LED street lamp controller connection. Waterproof controller should be used as far as possible to ensure long-term stability together, but also to prevent users from changing the lighting time at will. If the controller is not waterproof, the wiring will be bent into U shape because the terminal is facing down, so as to prevent water from pouring into the controller from the line.