Preparation of LED high pole lamp before debugging


LED high pole lamp is widely used, and has many advanta […]

LED high pole lamp is widely used, and has many advantages. It generally refers to a new type of lighting device composed of steel column lamp pole and high-power combined lamp bracket over 15 meters. In the installation, the environment where the high pole lamp is located is relatively bad. In various climates, the maintenance work of LED high pole lamp can not be dropped. What preparation should be made before the maintenance of LED high pole lamp.
The connector of the internal fittings of LED high pole lamp should be inserted tightly and firmly to avoid the failure caused by loose wind swing and poor contact. The lamp of LED high pole lamp should be reliably fixed with lamp pole, lamp pole and cantilever. Only in this way can the complete performance of the equipment be guaranteed.
1. Familiar with LED high pole lamp drawings, clear requirements, prepare materials and tools.
2. Check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition. For example: whether the connecting bolts of the parts are firmly connected, whether the bearings are lubricated, etc., the worn parts should be replaced in time.
3. Check whether the grounding system of LED high pole lamp motor is reliable, and rust removal treatment should be carried out if the corrosion is serious.
4. Check worm gear reducer, safety coupling and clutch. Remove oil dirt and add gear oil. Check the wear of worm gear and worm, and replace it when the gear is thinned or has groove mark. The safety coupling shall not be loosened or adjusted easily.
5. Carefully check that the lock nut clasp of the steel wire rope should be free from defects such as broken head and loose sleeve. The steel wire rope itself should not have bias pressure, loose strand, broken wire, hard injury, depression, corrosion and obvious wear. Special attention should be paid to the rope divider and the clamp of the wire rope. In order to prevent the steel wire rope from rusting and reduce the wear between the steel wire rope and the drum and pulley, the antirust grease can be coated on the wire rope with a hard brush. Check the limit switch and check whether the power cable is under pressure, clamped and damaged.