The structure of the led street light is composed of these parts


The structure of the led street light is not complicate […]

The structure of the led street light is not complicated. After removing the parts, there are several parts, as follows:
1.LED light source (1W-200W)
2. Aluminum alloy heat sink aluminum sheet
3. There is also LED constant current source (power supply)
4.led lamp housing
At present, LED street lights on the market are mainly divided into two categories. One is to use a common street lamp housing to place a large number of 3W or 1W lamp beads and a lens on the inside of the aluminum plate, and the other is to use a die-casting mold to heat the entire casing. One type of heat dissipation problem is not solved, and the second type of cost is relatively high. As for other fans, heat pipes, heat conductive films, and the like need to be carefully checked for authenticity.
Internal integrated 650V power tube, primary side feedback constant current control, no secondary feedback circuit, no transformer auxiliary winding detection and power supply, LED open circuit voltage can be adjusted by external resistor. Ultra-low operating current wide input voltage ±6% LED output current accuracy , LED short circuit / open circuit protection CS resistance short circuit protection, chip power supply under voltage protection, overheat regulation function is in SOP-8 package.