Talking about several parts of LED street lamp design


Shell: The shell is made of aluminum alloy. The biggest […]

Shell: The shell is made of aluminum alloy. The biggest characteristic of aluminum alloys is that they do not rust. This is the only requirement for LED street lights that are installed in the open air. The manufacture of the shell is mainly based on aesthetics and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation is first designed and then the shape is designed.
Aluminum substrate: The aluminum substrate is the key to the whole heat dissipation technology. Now many manufacturers have formed one-piece LED street light heads, and some of the materials used in the outer casing can also dissipate heat in one step. The aluminum substrate should also consider that it can not accumulate water and accumulate dust. It should be made into a pit and let it flow down. There are many designs, mainly depending on personal creativity.
Lamp beads: LED street lights generally use high-power LED street lights, high-power LED street lights refer to single lamp beads more than 1W. Nowadays, there are mainly these forms, which are distributed, modularized and integrated. I won’t go into details here, but I’ve talked a lot about it before.
Power: As the skills of LEDs mature, the development of power supplies has also increased rapidly. Many newly opened manufacturers have a warranty of at least 5 years, and some have a warranty of about 3 years. The power supply is generally an electronic component, which plays the role of an engine in an LED street lamp. For example, a constant current power source can reduce stroboscopic light, is easy to start, and saves electricity while ensuring the life of the LED lamp.