The price of high pole lights varies so much, how should we choose?


With the construction of urbanization, the high-pole la […]

With the construction of urbanization, the high-pole lamp has already occupied a pivotal position in the outdoor lighting industry. Because the high-pole lamp illuminates the range of light and uses the LED light source with high brightness, it has become the new business card of urban outdoor lighting. However, the price of high-pole lamps from various manufacturers in the market currently varies greatly.

1. Look at the main pole of the high pole light
There are different combinations of the main poles that make up the high pole lights. For example, just like the 30-meter high pole lights we often use, it consists of at least three main poles. When inquiring, customers often only indicate the height and don’t know the others. Data, which gives some high-pole lamp manufacturers the opportunity to cut corners. Such as the size of the head diameter and the size of the wall thickness. This will make the price of high pole lights of the same height vary greatly. Therefore, when purchasing high-pole lights, we must clarify the diameter, wall thickness and the composition of several main poles of the high-pole lights.
2. Look at the light source
The high-pole light source is an important factor that directly affects the use effect of the high-pole light. Some manufacturers use low-cost light sources, internally using garbage LED chips, garbage power supplies and drivers, resulting in a short service life of the light source, and even stroboscopic and Severe light decay and other phenomena. And this kind of light source is not a professional and can't distinguish its good from bad. The editor here can give you a suggestion. When using LED chips, you can choose chips from well-known brands such as Philips or Preh, and choose brands such as MEAN WELL or Moso for the power supply. Only in this way can the service life of the high pole lamp be guaranteed. Quality, but the price is not too low.

In addition to the main pole and light source of the high-pole lamp, other aspects will also affect the price. For example, the quality of the high-pole lamp housing and the strength of the manufacturer will also cause a huge difference in the price of the high-pole lamp of each manufacturer. Therefore, we are purchasing high-pole lamps. Be sure to choose a strong manufacturer.

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