Common faults and solutions in the use of solar high pole lights


Common faults and solutions in the use of solar high po […]

Common faults and solutions in the use of solar high pole lights

During the use of solar high-pole lights, various failures will occur due to the influence of itself or the external environment. When the failures are encountered, they must be resolved in time to reduce the negative impact caused by the failures. The following are common solar high-pole lights failures and Solution.

1. Battery failure
The lighting time of solar high-pole lights becomes shorter, especially when the lights are insufficient in rainy and rainy days, and the battery energy storage becomes worse, which may be caused by battery failure. Just replace the battery with a new one to solve the problem.
Second, the light source problem
That is to say, the high-pole lamp light source itself has quality problems, such as weak welding or lamp cap failure, etc. The existence of these problems will affect the use of the lamp.
Three, the line problem
The wiring of the lamp is not well connected, so the performance of the lamp will definitely be affected, or even cannot be used, as long as the broken line is repaired, the problem can be avoided.
Fourth, the whole light does not light up
Check the controller of the lamp. If the controller enters water, the lamp will not light up. If the controller is normal, then check whether the battery has voltage, no voltage or the voltage is lower than the specified standard, so the lamp can't work normally. As long as the battery board is replaced, it can be solved.
In short, there are many reasons for the failure of solar high pole lights. When a failure occurs, it must be investigated in time to understand the cause of the failure so that the problem can be solved in a targeted manner. If you don’t know how to detect faults, find a professional maintenance team to operate, so that you can guarantee the quality of lighting repairs. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that buying high-pole lights requires buying high-quality products from big brands, so that the probability of failure of the lights will be relatively low. Even if there is a failure, the manufacturer can provide good after-sales service.

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