The difference between LED lamps and ordinary lamps


The difference between LED lamp cap and ordinary lamp i […]

The difference between LED lamp cap and ordinary lamp is that it is more stable, more energy-saving and environmental protection, and its price is more advantageous. As a new type of semiconductor lighting products, LED street lamp holder has more powerful outstanding advantages in light source stability, protection level and convenience, and it is precisely with such strong advantages that it can be trusted by many customers. So, what outstanding advantages does a good LED street lamp holder have?

At present, the LED street lamp industry is very hot, and there is a lot of competition pressure. It is precisely because of this that many manufacturers falsely mark product parameters in order to get more orders and profits, which will make customers feel that their products have advantages, thus leading to more transactions. This practice is not good, but because it can make profits, many manufacturers will follow suit, thus spoiling the atmosphere of the whole market. Solar street lamp's low-carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability and a series of advantages are recognized by the majority of customers, so it has been vigorously promoted. Therefore, it can be trusted by many customers, so what outstanding advantages does a good LED street lamp holder have?
1. The light source is stable
Easy to use LED street lamp holder has high light source stability. The lamp adopts imported light source chip, and its surface layer adopts high-quality toughened glass material with explosion-proof and waterproof performance. Therefore, it can better protect the lamp and make it maintain stable and lasting luminous state under long-term lighting use, so as to provide people with higher brightness light source.
2. High environmental protection and energy saving
The industry-leading LED street lamp holder has greater advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. Because the LED lamp adopts energy-saving lighting technology, it will automatically reduce the brightness and shorten the lighting time during the night. On the other hand, the radiation of the lamp in infrared and ultraviolet will be much lower than that of traditional products, and will not produce any impact on the external environment during production and use Pollution, therefore, this is also the LED street lamp holder has excellent environmental protection and energy saving advantages.
3. High quality, low price and low maintenance price
High quality and durable LED street lamp head has strong self-cleaning ability. Because it is made of special electrostatic material, its surface will not adhere to too much dust or moisture, which can also reduce the cost of regular cleaning by users. In addition, compared with traditional lighting lamps, the LED street lamp has more advantages in price, because of the material procurement and production of the product This will be far lower than traditional lamps, so it can also provide customers with cheaper product prices.
Looking at the above-mentioned points, we realize that the LED street lamp not only has the advantages of good light source stability and high environmental protection and energy conservation, but also has the outstanding advantages of affordable and low protection price. It can not only increase a large number of protection profit and lose the better use motivation, but also have higher environmental protection performance to make a contribution for the protection of ecological conditions.