Analysis of the advantages of high pole lamp lighting


The high pole lamp belongs to one of the street lamps. […]

The high pole lamp belongs to one of the street lamps. The reason why it is called high pole lamp is that its height is usually more than 15 meters, which is much higher than other conventional street lamps, so it is named. It is used in airports, ports, wharves and other places that need a wide range of illumination. The characteristics of outdoor high pole lamp are mainly in "high",. High is a bright spot of high pole lamp. Its advantages are more appropriate than bright spot, because the advantage of height can make the illumination area of the top light source play to the extreme, so as to achieve a very ideal lighting effect, and the illumination range can reach 10000 square meters. Generally, sodium lamp, gold halide lamp and LED lamp are used as light source, and the number is between 3-20. Manual and electric lifting control modes are set for lifting high pole lamp, so that the lamp panel can be safely and reliably lowered to 2.5 meters above the ground, which is convenient for maintenance. So what about the mysterious advantages of high pole lighting?

1. Uniform vertical illumination;
2. The visual field can be extended to the maximum range;
3. Easy to locate in visual field;
4. Reduce repetitive lighting;
5. Reduce glare.
The above are some advantages of high pole lamp lighting. In addition, I would like to give you a suggestion: when you buy a high pole lamp with a height of more than 20 meters, try to choose a lifting system. Because the higher the height is, it will be particularly troublesome to maintain it without lifting. The advantages of lifting high pole lamp complement each other with the lighting advantage of high pole lamp. Therefore, it will never be used in our daily life You are worried about its maintenance.