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In fact, the installation of high pole light is a relat […]

In fact, the installation of high pole light is a relatively simple thing, but the actual operation is not so simple. When the preparations are ready, the time from assembly to hoisting is only about four hours, but it's not good to hoist the high pole lamp. We need to straighten it, but the manufacturer can't estimate the straightening time. If it's going well, it will only take 20 minutes. If it's not going well, it won't take a few hours.
Of course, for the professional installation team, the task of straightening the high pole light is ignored, because they have mastered the most simple and practical straightening means, which can be easily done without any effort, but for the friends who have not been exposed to this kind of work, the difficulty is like climbing to the sky, which is a little bit for the inexperienced people It's no exaggeration, because the high pole lamp belongs to the large lighting product, unlike the ordinary 4-6-meter-high path lamp pole, one person can easily push it, three shakes and two shakes can push it straight. The weight of the high pole lamp is usually about 1500kg, let alone one person, which means that it is difficult to push five people on it for you, let alone straighten it by a large margin.
Let's get back to the point, or some dry goods. For a friend who doesn't have too much pole light, it's not difficult to straighten. The premise is to do a good job in the basic work. What is the basic work? It is very simple to screw a screw nut on the screw rod of the foundation embedded parts before lifting the high pole lamp. Note that the position of the screw nut must be on the top as far as possible (the thickness of the bottom flange plus the thickness of the double nuts). This is purposeful, because when the high pole lamp is placed on the embedded parts, more than 80% of the examples confirm that it is designated askew. The screw nut under the flange There are two functions of the upper position. One is that the spanner is easy to reach in, the most important is that it is easy to adjust. Imagine how hard it is to push up a ton of objects with nuts? On the other hand, how much labor is saved by pressing down with more than one ton of things? I think we all know that. When the high pole lamp stands up, it must be crooked. Then, if you want to see which side is high, you can use a wrench to screw the nut at the bottom of the flange down, so that you can easily screw it until it is leveled.