Important safety knowledge of high pole lamp


For the users who do not contact with the high pole lam […]

For the users who do not contact with the high pole lamp products, the production quality of a high pole lamp and whether the installation process is reasonable can be judged from the following points.
Since the height of high pole lights is between 18 meters and 35 meters, lightning protection measures must be taken. Many of the high pole lights we often see are installed and used only after hot-dip galvanizing treatment, so there is no problem in the conductivity of the main body of the pole. However, in recent years, considering the beauty of the high pole lights, a spray molding process has been added to the surface of the high pole lights, mostly silver Color and white, we need to pay attention at this time. Some high pole lamp manufacturers ignore the problem that the plastic powder itself is insulated. If the plastic powder is sprayed on the lightning rod, the conductive effect of the lightning rod will disappear. If this problem is found during the installation, the installation personnel must be informed to completely plastic powder the top of the lightning rod from the top to the bottom at least 20 cm Scrape off, and then at the connection of the lightning rod and the rain cap, use the lightning rod to fix the top wire to jack off the plastic powder of the lightning rod, so as to conduct electricity normally.

When installing the lamp, if it is led lamp, the driving power behind the lamp is divided into zero line, live line and ground wire. When wiring, the ground wire must be connected with the main cable arranged in advance. If the ground wire of the driving power is not connected, it is likely to be burned in thunderstorm. Then there is the treatment of wiring head. The wire joints in series must be tin coated, then wrapped with insulating tape, and then covered with flame-retardant wax pipe. The purpose of this is to avoid excessive aging of the circuit and short circuit caused by high temperature and rain exposure.
Special attention must be paid to the installation of lamps, especially the high-pressure sodium lamp. The fixing nut connecting the lifting beam must be tightened with a wrench. It is often seen that the lamp head of the high pole lamp on the square or the roadside is drooping down, which is caused by the failure to fix the screw properly. If it falls down seriously, it will cause personal injury.
The high pole lamp is generally composed of two or three steel pipes. Special attention shall be paid to the installation. When each two sections are inserted into each other, the insertion depth shall not be less than 60 cm. If the insertion is not in place, it is not necessary to worry that it will fall down by itself, but it will affect the overall verticality of the high pole lamp, and it will shake left and right. If the insertion is in place, there will be no problems.
The top of the top section of the high pole lamp, i.e. the position of the fixed hook, is connected by three M14 or M16 screws. During the installation, it should be noted that these three screws must be stainless steel screws. Many high pole lamp manufacturers have ignored this problem and used ordinary iron galvanized screws. After a long time, the iron screws will be severely rusted, causing difficulty in decoupling or unable to decoupling The lamp panel fails to rise and fall normally after the lamp fails.
The last thing to be noticed is the hook problem, which is also the most important step of installation. When the lamp disc is raised to the top, the inner circle of the lamp disc will touch the three hooks. When the inner circle tube is raised to the middle position of the hook, the lamp disc will be lowered again. If one side of the lamp disc is found to be very inclined during the lowering process, it means that the three hooks above are not all hung up and need to be adjusted. In the same way, if the lamp head drops horizontally during the lowering process, and the oil wire rope is no longer laborious, it means that the three hooks have hung the lamp disc and installed it.
Note: if the installation personnel find that the main oil wire rope at the inner side of the high pole lamp is in tight state after installation, they should pay special attention to it. It can be concluded that the three hooks above do not hang the lamp disc at all, which is very dangerous, so the installation personnel must deal with it.
Pay attention to the above problems, it will be very helpful for the very layman to buy the user, at least to ensure the safety and reliability of the lamp pole and lamps.