Packing and transportation requirements of light pole


Packing and transportation instructions for high pole l […]

Packing and transportation instructions for high pole light pole:
1. Packaging
Because the packaging of special products such as the weight and shape of lamp pole is different from that of ordinary lamp products, our company mostly adopts the following ways:
a. Bubble bag wrapping method, which belongs to simple packaging, is suitable for special vehicle transportation. During transportation, the number of turnover shall be minimized to avoid tearing the bubble bag during loading and unloading and causing scratching of light pole profile.
b. Snake skin bag packaging, this way is better than bubble bag packaging;
c. In case of long-distance transportation or export, bubble bag + snake skin bag shall be used for packing, so as to avoid scratching the lamp pole in the process of turnover;
2. Pole transport
The light pole shall be a special line logistics stowage for large articles at the customer's address when the quantity is not enough for the whole vehicle; in order to reduce the half way turnover and avoid the scratch of the light pole; if the goods are enough for the whole vehicle or the customer requires direct transportation to the site, our company will find a vehicle relative to the truck for transportation to the site.
About the scratch of the light pole:
Because the light pole is a large and heavy-duty object, it is scratched in the process of transportation and installation. The way to solve this problem is that our company will equip corresponding quantity and corresponding color self spray paint according to the number of light poles when they are transported out. If the color of the light pole is assigned by the customer, our company will equip corresponding color plastic powder to the customer for later remediation.