How much do you know about the check standard of high pole lamp pole


Nowadays, high pole lights have been used in many areas […]

Nowadays, high pole lights have been used in many areas. The high pole lights have a wide range of illumination and are necessary outdoor lighting street lights for squares or docks. However, many people do not understand the standard of calculation for high pole lamp poles. Today, high pole lamp manufacturers will briefly talk about the check standard for high pole lamp poles. There is no standard for the structural strength check of the pole of high pole lamps in China. Generally, it is carried out with reference to "Code for Design of High-rise Structures", "Code for Building Structure Load" and "Code for Design of Steel Structure". The calculation in this section is only for seamless steel pipe rods and welded conical pull-out rods. The strength calculation of the lamp post is mainly to consider the effect of wind on the high pole lamp, and the resulting bending stress and shear stress should not exceed the allowable stress of the lamp post. However, when street lamp manufacturers design poles for high pole lamps, the basic wind pressure is designed at 0.56kN /, that is, at ten-level wind speed (30m / s). The seismic strength of the lamppost is fortified according to the magnitude 8 earthquake intensity. When the designed earthquake intensity is greater than or equal to 7, the seismic intensity shall be checked. The check calculation method can use the bottom shear method.

For seismic design requirements, sites and foundations that are favorable for earthquake resistance should be selected as much as possible, and the lamp body should be simple in shape, symmetrically and uniformly distributed in mass and stiffness, try to make the center of mass coincide with the center of stiffness, and ensure the integrity of the structure. High-strength materials. For seismic calculation, for cylindrical structures, chimneys, water towers and high pole lights, the bottom shear method and approximate simplified method can be used.

It can be seen from the calculation that the external force of the high pole lamp is mainly the wind load, so the calculation of the wind load is the key. Under the wind load, all the anchor bolts on the bottom flange of the light pole are subjected to the shear of the wind. Due to the wind load acting on the light pole, the basic bolts of the bottom flange of the light pole are roughly regarded as half-tension and half-compression .