Notes before and after installation of street lamp


There are still a lot of matters needing our attention […]

There are still a lot of matters needing our attention in the installation process of street lamps. Now we will pay attention to the matters needing attention in the installation of street lamps, including the relevant attention details before and after the installation, so as to understand the installation matters of high pole street lamps with us.

Notes before installation of street lamp
Before installing the street lamp, we need to be familiar with the drawings, clarify the requirements, and prepare the materials and tools. Then check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition. Such as: whether the connecting bolts of various parts are firmly combined, whether the bearings are lubricated, etc., the worn parts should be replaced in time. Check whether the grounding system of the motor is reliable, and derusting treatment shall be carried out in case of serious corrosion. Carefully check that the lock nut buckle of the wire rope should not have defects such as broken head and loose sleeve, and the wire rope itself should not have bias, loose strand, broken wire, hard injury, depression, corrosion and obvious wear and tear. Pay special attention to the rope divider and the clamp of the wire rope. Finally, check the limit switch, check whether the power cable is compressed, clamped, damaged and other phenomena before the installation of street lamps.

Notes on installation of street lamp
After the installation of street lamp, it is necessary to ensure the completion of maintenance work, and make operation records for important equipment such as motor. In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data, timely record and modify the drawings when there are changes in the maintenance. Carefully analyze people's psychological feelings, so that the selection and layout of light source and illuminator can better meet the basic requirements of people's physiology and psychology, and finally prevent the loss of coordination between people and light environment. It plays an important role in traffic safety, improving traffic guidance and reducing accidents and crimes.