How to install LED street light correctly and what details should be paid attention to?


What kind of process is the installation of LED street […]

What kind of process is the installation of LED street light? How to install the street lamp correctly? What are the details that need to be paid attention to in this process? We will sort out the relevant matters about the correct installation of LED street lamp for you.

In the process of installing the LED street light, first insert the LED street light interface into the Φ 60 lamp pole and fasten the hexagon screw. During the installation process, pay attention to keep the balance of the LED street light. In this process, the details should not be careless. The product should be put into the screw of the mounting bracket. After fixing the product and the horizontal angle, lock the screw, install the lamp on the street lamp bracket, align with the screw hole, lock and adjust the lamp With elevation angle, the light output angle of the lamp can meet the specified requirements of the lamp, and this process needs to be accurate. In addition, ensure that the voltage is within the rated range during the working process. Beyond the rated voltage, irreparable damage will be caused.

What are the details of LED street light installation?
When installing LED street lights, we need to pay attention to the following details:
1. The installation height, elevation angle and installation direction of adjacent street lamps should be consistent.
2. The longitudinal center line of LED lamp installation and lamp arm shall be consistent, the transverse horizontal line of LED lamp shall be parallel to the ground, and there shall be no inclination by visual inspection after fastening.
3. The connection between lamp cap and street lamp pole must be firm and standardized.
4. There shall be no joint in the wiring of LED street light arm, lamp panel and lamp pole. The wiring hole or pipe orifice shall be smooth and free of burr. Insulating sleeve or wrapping shall be used, and the wrapping length shall not be less than 200 mm.
5. All kinds of nuts should be tightened with gaskets and spring pads. After tightening, the screw out nut shall not be less than two pitches.