Introduction to various components of solar street light and description of quality standards


The components of solar street lamp mainly include batt […]

The components of solar street lamp mainly include battery, lamp pole, lamp holder, control inverter and street lamp power supply. What are the functions of these parts in the characteristics? Here we will introduce the components of LED street lamp.

Introduction of solar street lamp components
Solar panel is the component that provides energy for solar street lamp. Its function is to convert the solar light energy into electric energy and transmit it to the battery for storage. It is the most valuable component in solar street lamp. The working principle of this part is: solar photons and light radiation heat promote and affect the motion of holes and electrons in p-n junction in solar cells. That is commonly known as the principle of photovoltaic effect. The battery is the energy storage of solar street lamp, which supplies the collected power to the street lamp to realize lighting. Because the input energy of solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, it is generally necessary to configure the battery system to work. Let's give you an example of these two parts. Let's take a look at the quality standards of each part.

Specification of quality standard for components of solar street lamp
1. LED lamps and lanterns: the thickness of the shell determines the quality of the products. The thickness of the aluminum base plate or aluminum plate should reach 1.5mm, the heat dissipation should reach the standard, and the lamp beads should use the chips of international brands.
2. Battery: is it a special battery for energy storage? At present, some unscrupulous companies use the starting power supply as the most energy storage battery, which greatly reduces the life of street lamps.
3. Panel: except for foggy areas, polycrystalline panel is recommended, and monocrystalline panel is recommended in other areas, because the conversion rate of monocrystalline panel is higher than polycrystalline panel.
4. Lamp pole: whether hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing still has zinc coating on the incision, cold galvanizing has no zinc coating on the incision. The diameter of the upper end is generally 60mm, and the diameter of the bracket is generally 76mm. The lamp pole has a taper ratio of 11-12.
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