Why should the solar street lamp gel battery be buried in the ground?


Solar street lights are favored by people because of th […]

Solar street lights are favored by people because of their energy saving, environmental protection, durability, low maintenance cost, clean and pollution-free advantages. Now it has become the main force of outdoor lighting in rural areas. Solar street lights can be used for 4 or 5 years, but solar batteries are relatively easy to wear. Some solar batteries need to be buried in the ground, such as common solar colloidal batteries, so do you know why solar street lamp colloidal batteries are buried in the ground? Don't worry, let me tell you all below.

1. Anti-theft
The solar colloidal battery is an important part of the solar street lamp, the price is relatively expensive, and it will naturally be attacked by some criminals. Therefore, the solar gel battery must be buried deep underground, not too shallow, otherwise it will provide convenience to criminals.
2. Prevent water from entering the solar gel battery
Batteries are afraid of water, and batteries are no exception. Although the outer layer of the battery adopts waterproof measures, in order to better waterproof, the surrounding area needs to be covered with cement. In some structures, a waterproof battery box is installed. waterproof.
Three, antifreeze
The solar gel battery can generally be used between -30-60, but in an extremely cold environment, the durability of the solar street lamp gel battery will be reduced, and it will rarely stop working. Therefore, if the solar street lamp is installed in the cold north, the battery needs to be buried more than 1 meter, because this can maintain a certain temperature of the solar gel battery.

The above is the reason why the solar gel battery should be buried underground. In addition, we must pay more attention to the quality of the solar gel battery when purchasing solar street lights. At present, there are too many leather bag companies and small workshops on the market, and the phenomenon of cutting corners is serious, so we must Choose a regular solar street light manufacturer to purchase.

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