Why are solar street lights popularized on a large scale?


Solar street lights were welcomed by the masses as soon […]

Solar street lights were welcomed by the masses as soon as they were put on the market. Instantly occupy a large share of the street lamp market. Let other types of street lights beyond the reach. Although the price of solar street lights is slightly higher, the later use cost of installing solar street lights is quite low compared with other street lights. The quality of solar street lights is very stable, even if it rains, it will not be easily damaged. Therefore, solar street lights have been widely promoted. In addition, solar street lights have many advantages, so large-scale promotion is necessary.

1. Clean and pollution-free energy
In fact, we can see exactly that the main power source of solar street lights comes from the sun. As long as there is sunshine, solar street lights will be a little bit. Even if there is no sunlight, the solar street light itself has a certain energy storage function, which can keep the street light on for several days. As long as the solar street light receives sunlight during the day, it can save the electricity brought by the sunlight and release energy when needed at night, so that the LED bulbs above can be turned on.
2. No need for regular maintenance.
The price of solar street lights is not high. In fact, it is impossible to see the purchase price, which depends on the comprehensive price in the later period. Ordinary street lights need to be inspected and repaired from time to time, but solar street lights are different. Even if there is no one to inspect and repair for a long time, they can keep in good condition and will not open.
3. Installation and laying are very simple
When installing ordinary street lights, many lines must be laid, and street lights can only be lit at night. But solar street lights are not so troublesome. When installing solar street lights, the lines that need to be laid are very limited, and even only a few simple lines can be used.

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