What kinds of lights are generally used for ships sailing?


The general navigation lights of ships are; tail lights […]

The general navigation lights of ships are; tail lights, mast lights, side lights, anchor lights, various signal lights, search lights, and the colors are divided into three types: red, white and green.

Mast Lights: Lights placed above the mast of the ship or above the centre line of the fore and aft, showing uninterrupted light in a horizontal arc of 225 degrees, and installed so that the light runs from the front of the ship to 22.5 degrees aft of each side of the ship. displayed inside.


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Sidelights: The red light on the port side and the green light on the starboard side on the left and right sides of the highest deck of the ship respectively display uninterrupted lights within a horizontal arc of 112.5 degrees from the bow to the stern. The device is to make the lights display respectively within 22.5 degrees from the front of the ship to the straight and transverse rear of each side.

Tail light: White light placed in the middle of the stern. Displays uninterrupted light in a horizontal arc of 135 degrees, and is fitted so that the light is displayed from directly behind the ship to within 67.5 degrees on each side. The height of the mast lights should be as level as possible with the sidelights, but not higher than the sidelights.

Two-color light: 112.5 degrees red light, 112.5 degrees green light, flash: 360 degrees white light, as a warning light.

When at anchor: only the anchor light (a white 360-degree all-round light) is displayed, three-color fishing boat light: 112.5 degrees red + 112.5 degrees green + 135 degrees white

Ships out of control: In addition to side lights and tail lights (off when not moving in the water), two vertical all-round red lights should be displayed where they can be most easily seen

Vessels limited to draught: In addition to sidelights, taillights and mast lights, three vertical all-round red lights must be displayed where they can be most easily seen.

The lights of ships are divided into two types according to their purposes: navigation lights and general signal lights. The turn-on and turn-off times of lights are generally based on sunset and sunrise. For navigation lights, the rules state that they should be turned on at all times, even during the day, in poor visibility conditions.

Navigation lights, according to international regulations, vary in number according to the size and length of the ship. For ships with a length of more than 50 meters, 5 navigation lights shall be installed, namely fore mast lights, aft mast lights, aft stern lights, and two side lights on the left and right.