What is the power factor of led high pole light?


The power factor of the led high pole light is related […]

The power factor of the led high pole light is related to the height of the light pole: the led high pole light is a lamp with a relatively high pole. Generally, the light pole exceeds 18 meters. Only the lamps made of steel cones and high-power lamp heads can be called LEDs. High pole lights, usually the products made by led high pole light manufacturers will include lamp caps, pole bodies, electrical parts, etc. The led high pole light poles can be eight-edge, twelve-edge, eighteen-edge cone-shaped rod bodies , Generally, they are made of high-quality steel plates that are cut, bent and welded. The height specifications can be 25 meters, 30 meters, 35 meters, 40 meters, etc., and its maximum wind resistance can reach 60 meters per second. The whole pole body is made up of section by section, and the light pole will be equipped with a flanged steel chassis with a diameter of 1-1, 2 meters and a thickness of 30-40 mm.
The power factor of led high-pole light is related to other configurations: the overall functional products of led high-pole lights are mainly based on the structure of the frame, and the overall decorative products are mainly steel pipes and steel pipes. The light pole and the light plate part should be treated by hot-dip galvanizing. The product will be equipped with an electric lifting function system. This system is generally composed of a motor, a hoist, a wire rope and a cable. The motor is an electric product, and the wire rope should be hot-dipped and galvanized. There are three groups of products. This system is generally installed inside the light pole, and its lifting speed is generally three to five meters per minute.

The safety and reliability of led high pole lights are very good when in use, and as long as you can pay attention to basic safety and maintenance common sense during use, then the durability and safety of led high pole lights when in use are very important. will be stronger. Moreover, as we all know, the power supply mode of the led high pole light is different from that of the general lamps, and the temperature of its lamps will not be very high during use. From these aspects, the led high pole light Its safety performance is very good when using it.