What are the types of street lamps?


Types of street lamps Street lamps are divided accordin […]

Types of street lamps
Street lamps are divided according to their shapes: according to the specific division method, the International Commission on lighting (CIE) suggests that they should be divided into three parts: projection, expansion and control.
① Projection. It refers to the diffusion degree of light emitted by lamps along the longitudinal direction of the road, which is divided into three types: short, medium and long.
② Control. It indicates the degree of glare control of lamps, which is divided into three types: limited, medium and strict.
③ Extension. It refers to the horizontal diffusion degree of light emitted by lamps on the road, which is divided into three types: narrow, general and wide. Installation mode of street lamp: bracket type, high cantilever type, straight pole type, suspension type and wall suction type.
According to the height of street lamp: high pole street lamp, middle pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp;
According to the material of street lamp pole: hot galvanized iron street lamp, steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;
According to the shape: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single arm street lamp, double arm street lamp.
According to the way of power supply: Municipal circuit lamp, solar street lamp and complementary landscape street lamp
According to the light source: sodium lamp, LED lamp, energy saving lamp, new soming xenon lamp.

Courtyard lamp is the kind of street lamp with lower lamp pole installed in the community and courtyard. Generally, it looks beautiful. The light source that courtyard lamp often uses has incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, natrium magnesium lamp, LED lamp and so on. Courtyard lamps and lanterns have a high ornamental value. They set off the beautiful landscape of the community through different artistic forms. Different light colors and brightness add a beautiful stroke to the urban construction.
Streetlights are those that are not installed as high as high pole lights and are generally installed on the road. Now, the light source used in street lamp has changed from the former sodium magnesium lamp to the LED street lamp or solar street lamp which is widely used now. LED street lamp is a kind of invention that uses a kind of technology of diode light-emitting and combines advanced science and technology to apply to street lamp. This technology has been recognized by many people and has been applied in practice. Solar street lamp is to make use of solar energy to generate electric energy, so as to save the tedious steps of laying cables, and environmental protection and energy saving is the main direction of future development.