What are the types of landscape lights


What are the types of landscape lights Landscape lights […]

What are the types of landscape lights
Landscape lights are a relatively general concept. In fact, if you make detailed product breakdowns, landscape lights can be divided into the following types, each of which has different functions, scopes and conditions of use, so you need to buy landscape lights Friends of, you have to look for it! The sight light not only has a high degree of appreciation, but also emphasizes the harmony between the sight of the art light, the history and culture of the scenic spot, and the surrounding environment. Let us introduce the varieties of scene lights
1. Large-scale scene light: 4-8 meters in height, the day is a scene, and the scene and illumination are double-effects after the light is turned on at night, and some are a kind of color: majestic and serious.
2. Street lamp: generally 6-12 meters in height. The standard reason requires that the choice of street lamp height needs to be in harmony with the road width. After inquiring, it is found that if the height of the elbow street lamp is not enough, the style is very rich, and the irradiation scale is mainly used by itself. It is widely used in residential areas and some scenic spots.
3. Lawn lights: height: 0.5-0.8 meters, wide range of styles, classified as decorative lamps, can be used as an auxiliary lighting, for some areas of lawns that require low illuminance to provide auxiliary lighting.
4. Buried light (underground light): the light source goes upward, and the direction of the light is adjusted differently when passing through the cover, such as shining pillars, trees and other light upwards. Illuminate the grass or a specific plane direction and add a surface to cover the light
5. Tree-lighting lamp: Installed around the tree, there are few special lamps for this purpose. Buried lamps and floodlights can also achieve this effect.
6. Underwater lamp: Put it in the pool, if the light source is selected LED, there are many colors. Regarding the waterproof level, there are different regulations according to the depth of the water, and extra low voltage must be used to ensure safety.
7. Step lights (side wall lights): Mainly used for stair steps, small-scale partial lighting, not only to make people see the steps, roads, etc., but also to set off the effect of the steps.
8. Wall lamp: Installed on the pillars, the two ends of the gate, the middle of the wall, etc., there are many tricks, daytime scenes, night lighting.
9. Floodlight: As the name implies, the light is projected to a specific part to highlight key lighting.
10. Floodlight: light, linear light: the power of the light source is not very large, and it is often used in groups to outline a large strip of light.