What are the technical requirements for led street lights


Because the surrounding environment has a great influen […]

Because the surrounding environment has a great influence on the heat dissipation effect of LED street lamps, such as the increase in temperature in summer, the current and voltage of LED street lamps increase, and the long-term exceeding the rated current condition will greatly shorten the service life of LED street lamps, and LED constant current is to ensure that its operating current value remains unchanged when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change. Therefore, this problem can be solved. The effect of the radiator LED street lamp power supply, the constant current accuracy of the power supply, and the constant current accuracy of some power supplies in the LED street lamp market are poor. is too big. The overall requirement is ±3%. According to the three percent design scheme. The power of the production department should be fine-tuned to ±3% error.

LED street light supply voltage.

The working voltage of light-emitting diodes is 3.0~3.5V. After testing, most of the working voltages are 3.2V, so it is more reasonable to calculate according to 3.2V. The total voltage of n lamp beads in series = 3.2*N, the working current of the LED street lamp power supply is the most suitable, for example, the rated working current of the LED is 350 mA. It is very serious to work under this current, and after many comparative tests, it is ideal to design 320 mA. Minimize heat generation, allowing more electrical energy to become visible light energy.

For the LED street lamp power board with a wide input voltage range of AC85-265V, if its series-parallel and wide voltage are wide, the series-parallel mode of the LED street lamp power board is very important. Do not use a wide voltage as much as possible, it can be divided into AC220V and AC110V as much as possible to ensure the reliability of the power supply. Another wide voltage solution, APFC active power compensation is to use L6561/7527 to increase the voltage to 400V first, and then reduce the voltage to a level equal to two switching power supplies. This plan is only used in exceptional circumstances.

If the ordinary isolated power supply is made into 15W and placed in the LED street light power tube, the volume of the transformer is very large and difficult to place. It mainly depends on the space structure and the specific situation. Generally, the isolation area can only reach 15W. After 15W, it is very little and very expensive. Therefore, the cost performance of the isolator is not high. Generally, the non-isolator is more mainstream, and the volume can be made smaller, and the minimum height can be made 8 mm. In fact, if the isolator has taken safety measures, there is no problem. Permitted spaces can also do isolated power.