What are the reasons for the sudden failure of LED street lights?


Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lig […]

Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have better brightness, so they are widely used in municipal road construction. The number of LED street lights purchased every year is huge, but some LED street lights will suddenly turn off after a long time. So what are the reasons for this phenomenon?
Generally speaking, LED street lights can be divided into full off lights and partial off lights. If all the lights are off, consider whether the LED street light has tripped. If it is tripped, just pull the gate up. If the power is turned on, but none of the lights are on, then the driving problem of the LED street light must be considered. Generally, in this case, you can contact the street light manufacturer to replace the new driver.

If part of it does not light up, it may be that some of the LED street lamp heads are faulty or damaged. We want to consider the following:
1. Poor quality of LED chips
At present, the quality of LED chips on the market varies. Some LED chips are of poor quality and have a very short service life. They will be damaged after a long time, and will naturally not light up.
2. The performance of the radiator is not good
The performance of the radiator is not good, and the internal heat of the LED street lamp head is too high, exceeding the maximum temperature that the chip can withstand, resulting in damage to the LED chip and the phenomenon of no light.
3. The drive unit is damaged
Damage to the power drive will also cause other LED street light components to not work properly.