What are the precautions of LED street lamp installation?


Installation of LED street lamp is the first step to us […]

Installation of LED street lamp is the first step to use LED street lamp correctly. How to install LED street lamp correctly? We need to pay attention to the use of what precautions, we Hengyuan lighting for you about the installation of LED street lights in the relevant notes.
First of all, when the installation position is different, we also need to pay attention to: if in the northern hemisphere, when installing LED street lights, try to make the solar panel toward the South or the direction with better light receiving surface, so as to obtain the maximum energy. If it is in the southern hemisphere, install the solar panel as far as possible to the north or the direction with better light receiving surface. According to the actual needs of the project, the best location is selected for installation, and solar street lamps are installed along the road direction.

Then, in the process of geological excavation, the size of the pit should be determined according to the requirements. Before the foundation construction, the local laws and regulations should be followed to investigate the geological conditions. If the surface is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened. In the process of pouring LED street lamp base, the next step shall be carried out after 2-4 days of curing. During the concrete solidification process, water shall be regularly watered for curing, and the installation can only be carried out after the concrete is completely solidified.
What are the precautions when installing?
1) Remove the package and check the accessories;
2) Connect the external waterproof joint and test whether the lamp can work normally;
3) Fasten the rear seat of the lamp to the appropriate height of the lamp post.
Finally, in order to ensure that the battery module can receive better solar energy, the dust, leaves or other impurities on the battery module can be cleaned once every six months. In areas with severe dust or bad environment, the maintenance frequency can be shortened according to the situation. On the installation of LED streetlights in the notes for you to introduce here, if you have any questions, you can pay attention to our website or call to inquire, we will update more relevant content for you.