What are the characteristics of LED tunnel lamps?


When LED street lamp is used in tunnel, what are its co […]

When LED street lamp is used in tunnel, what are its components and product characteristics? LED tunnel street lamp is generally used in tunnel, underground passage, railway, underground parking lot and other places that need outdoor lighting. What are the specific characteristics? Below we Jiangsu Hengyuan lighting for you to sort out the specific content.
First of all, LED tunnel street lamp should have no start-up delay problem, and it can work normally immediately after being electrified. It solves the long start-up process of traditional lamps and realizes instantaneous start-up and restart. LED tunnel street lamp consists of precision aerospace aluminum alloy reflector, lamp shell and radiator; 5mm high strength toughened glass cover; high power LED light source; high efficiency constant current source. The characteristics of LED tunnel street lamps are as follows:
1. High power LED (42w-150w) packaged with independent intellectual property rights is used as the light source. The unique multi chip integrated single mode group light source design is used. The imported high brightness semiconductor chip is selected. It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, small light attenuation, pure light color and no ghost.
2. The overall stretch aluminum radiator, internal and LED light source closely connected, external and air convection heat dissipation, effectively ensure the life of LED light source.
3. High temperature resistant and aging resistant silicone rubber seal makes the radiator, end cover and glass perfectly combined. The surface of lamp shell is anodized and sprayed with plastic. The protection grade of lamp reaches IP65.

4. High purity aluminum reflector is used to effectively improve the reflectivity and ensure the output of luminous flux. The light emitted by LED is controlled within the required range to improve the uniformity of lighting effect and the utilization rate of light energy. The obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps are highlighted.
5. Green environmental protection and pollution-free: no harm to eyes and skin, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, to achieve a real sense of green environmental protection and energy-saving lighting.