The development trend of LED street lamps


Today's street lighting is no longer the same incandesc […]

Today's street lighting is no longer the same incandescent lamps. Now street lights have different light sources, and each lamp with different light sources has their differences.
Comparison of LED street lighting fixtures and ordinary street lighting fixtures
The biggest difference between LED street lighting and traditional street lighting is that LED street lighting is a complete electronic product, while traditional street lighting is only an electrical product. Therefore, LED street lighting fixtures can be easily associated with various types of sensors, and then complete various active control functions such as light control and infrared control. For example, the automatic switch of LED street lights can be simply completed with a photosensitive sensor; the night walkway and courtyard lighting in the community can use infrared sensors to collect information on human activities, and automatically turn on and off street lights.
Ordinary street lighting fixtures contain a lot of mercury vapor. If they are accidentally broken, the mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere. However, LED street lighting fixtures basically do not use mercury, and LED lighting products do not contain lead, which has a protective effect on the environment; traditional street lighting fixtures will generate a lot of heat energy, while LED street lighting fixtures convert all electrical energy into light energy. Will not constitute a waste of energy. Moreover, there will be no fading of documents and clothes; LED street lighting will not produce noise, and it is used in places where precision electronic instruments are used, and is suitable for places such as libraries and offices; traditional lamps use alternating current, so every Seconds will produce 100-120 times of strobe.
LED lights will not flicker, can better protect the eyes, and will not generate ultraviolet rays, making the environment cleaner.