System configuration of rural solar street lights


  The roads in rural areas are generally narrow. When c […]

  The roads in rural areas are generally narrow. When choosing the wattage for the light source, it is generally not necessary to choose a large wattage. Generally 10-30 watts is enough. If the road is narrow and only lighting is used, 10 watts is enough. Under normal circumstances, different choices are made according to the road width and usage. The difference between solar street lights and city circuit lights is that the solar street lights rely on solar conversion power to generate electricity, without the need for city electricity, so the more cloudy and rainy days they support, the longer the lighting time.

1. There are restrictions on the altitude of the area where solar street lights are applicable. Ordinary solar street lights are suitable for areas within 2000 meters above sea level. Because altitude also affects the use of batteries and wiring.

  2. Solar street lights are best used at -50°C-70°C. The temperature is too high and it can't work normally, and the low temperature will make it run slower.

  3. The wind resistance level of the solar street lamp is 12, that is, there will be no damage within the 12 wind, and it should be used in China.

  4. The earthquake resistance level of solar street lights is 8, and they will not be damaged unless they encounter a major earthquake. Normal areas will not cause problems.

  5. Solar street lights can be used normally in areas where the humidity cannot be greater than 80%. If the humidity is exceeded, the air humidity will be too high, which will make the electronic components unstable and affect the system lighting.

The system configuration requirements of the common solar street lights on the market are very high. If the configuration is not appropriate, no one can guarantee the outdoor solar street lighting when it is rainy, battery life, etc. But if the system configuration is reasonable, these problems will be dealt with soon.

Just say that the controller is the smallest of the solar street light system, an invisible one, but it ignores the quality of the contractor and the controller will directly affect the use of solar street light system components to become old, yes, so some are very small , The impact is very big. At the same time, it also requires the water resistance of 3 meters of solar street light batteries and the conversion rate of solar panels.