Solar garden lamp is mainly used for garden lighting


Solar garden lamp is mainly used for the lighting and d […]

Solar garden lamp is mainly used for the lighting and decoration of courtyard, park, landscape lighting, scenic area, park, green belt, square and other places. Solar energy is used as clean energy, environmental protection and energy saving. Not only can we extend our outdoor activities, but also can be appreciated as a beautiful scenery. Modern courtyard lighting not only provides good lighting, but also shows the characteristics and unique style of the building itself with lighting, and is in harmony with the environment. Up to now, solar courtyard lamp manufacturers have developed this industry into a mature industrial chain, which can improve the overall development of the city.

Solar garden lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting equipment. This kind of equipment usually refers to outdoor road lighting lamps. There are five main parts of the equipment, namely light source, lamp, lamp pole, flange, foundation embedded parts. There are many kinds of garden lamps, the size and height can be customized, and can be beautified according to personal beauty.
Solar garden lamps and lanterns have the characteristics of maintenance free, power saving, small power and no need of manual participation. Let's take a look at the advantages of this street lamp.
1. Green, environmental protection and energy saving
The power of the street lamp is small, up to 12W. Compared with ordinary lamp, it has no lamp tube, so it will not contain mercury, lead and other harmful elements. At the same time, its recycling and utilization is also very convenient, can be recycled, so it is very in line with the characteristics of green and environmental protection.

2. Healthy light, protect eyesight
Solar garden lamp manufacturer this street lamp has the advantages of protecting eyesight, compared with ordinary street lamp, it uses DC, so there will be no stroboscopic phenomenon, will not stimulate the eyes. Although its light efficiency is high, the light is not strong. Both the elderly and children can rest assured that it will not produce radiation.
3. Long service life
The service life of solar garden lamp is 42000 hours longer than that of ordinary energy-saving street lamp. Although it will be higher than the price of ordinary street lamp at the time of purchase, its service life is long and its average value is very practical and affordable.

Solar garden lamp is widely used in many fields. The most common one is that many colleges and universities have installed solar garden lamps. They get rid of the old-fashioned electric streetlights. Every year, the school saves a lot of electricity and energy for the country and turns to improve educational equipment. In addition, solar garden lamps are widely used in street lamps, major tourist attractions, parks, etc. around the roads in the first tier cities; private gardens are also one of the widely used fields of solar garden lamps, and there are also many modern residential areas, squares and courtyard corridors.
The installation of solar garden lamp should be based on the height of the garden lamp, the type of lamp source, and the requirements of the brightness of the garden lamp to make a reasonable combination. The installation of courtyard lamp is not only for lighting, but also for its decorative effect, giving people a beautiful feeling.
The selection of solar photovoltaic power generation system, the selection of solar cell modules, is mainly based on the intensity of solar radiation and light intensity to select the photovoltaic system. The components of solar cell include solar cell, anode battery and cathodic protection circuit. Solar street lamp power supply consists of coil, cathode coil and anode protection circuit. The function of anode circuit is to increase the solar radiation intensity to a certain extent, so that the solar radiation intensity can reach a balance state, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The function of anode circuit is to connect the coil with cathodic protection line. Connect the cathode wire with the anode fuse wire. Connect the anode to the fuse. Connect the safety wire to the sun line. Connect the wires to the safety wires. Connect the sun line to the safety plate.
The solar voltage directly affects the performance of the solar garden lamp. Therefore, when selecting the solar circuit board, the solar voltage should be determined according to the actual situation of the space road. Solar panel is a kind of solar panel based on Ethernet cable. It has good anti-interference ability and anti shock ability, and is widely used in space.