LED energy-saving lamps(1)


LED energy-saving lamps are a new generation of illumin […]

LED energy-saving lamps are a new generation of illumination sources after compact fluorescent lamps (ie, ordinary energy-saving lamps). Compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED energy-saving lamps are environmentally friendly and contain no mercury. They can be recycled and reused, with high luminous efficiency and long life. They are open and bright, resistant to frequent switching, low light decay, rich in color, dimmable, and rich in change.
LED energy-saving lamps are rich in variety, basically consisting of three types:
One type: LED energy-saving lamps made of straw-type low-power LEDs, the power supply adopts a RC circuit.
The straw hat type LED is extended by the LED package form, and the epoxy resin package makes the LED chip unable to dissipate heat. The light decay is serious. Many white LEDs become high in color temperature after a period of use, and gradually become blue. It becomes dim. There are also manufacturers dedicated to the development of straw-type LEDs with low light decay, but since there is no change in the package form, the light fade has not changed much. This type of LED energy-saving lamp products is a transitional product with low price and poor quality.